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Kiesel Guitars and Andy James Release New Signature Model

New updates include a bolt-on neck, Polarity active Kiesel pickups, and a more affordable price point.

San Diego, CA (February 12, 2021) -- Kiesel Guitars is proud to announce the second installment in the Andy James series: the AJ2. Releasing two years after the first AJ, the new model takes features that bring the original to the $2k price point, redefine them, and create a more affordable base price, all with the same high-quality craftsmanship Kiesel is known for.

The most notable changes include the removal of the carved top, standard solid colors instead of a standard burst, and implementing a bolt-on construction rather than neck-through. The model is currently offered in a 6 or 7-string set-up and has the option of a Hipshot fixed bridge or Evertune bridge. Most specs on the AJ2 are customizable to the customer but remain in James’ wheelhouse of options. If one chooses not to veer from the standard options, they will receive an instrument nearly identical to what James’ would play.

Few options are non-customizable; this includes the Polarity active dual-mode Kiesel pickups, black chrome hardware, and black pickup poles. Besides these restrictions, the customer has complete reign over the top, fingerboard, and body woods, finishes, and much more.

“The fact that we’re cutting back on a few of the options but still coming out with a quality guitar just makes this equally as desirable,” Andy James on his AJ2.

The AJ2 stands out in the already star-studded signature artist line-up, as it has its own unique shape that can’t be found with any other model.

Fans shouldn’t worry, though: the first AJ isn’t going anywhere. The original guitar will remain in the line-up alongside the AJ2. The AJ2 with a Hipshot starts at $1,499 for 6-string and $1,549 for 7-string. With an Evertune, the model starts at $1,799 for 6-string and $1,849 for 7-string.

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