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Lightning Boy Audio Introduces the TI Box

A passive DI box with vintage-inspired sonic characteristics.

North Collins, NY (September 22, 2020) -- Lightning Boy Audio introduces the TI Box, AKA “Thicker Injection Box.” This is a passive DI box with vintage-inspired sonic characteristics. Its tone comes from custom designed LBA-MC15 transformer to deliver thicker tone and 4.6dB greater output volume than typical of modern passive DI Boxes. This box is not a recreation of a classic DI, but rather a unique take on classic ideas. Therefore, its sound, while colorful in a vintage sort of way, is unique to this device. The frequency response is flat across and beyond the audio spectrum as measured with test equipment. In practical use, you’ll probably notice a bit of heft in the sub-bass, dominance in the mids, and a bit of a softening in the highs, all of which define the TI Box sound.

The TI Box features 1/4" input and bypass jacks, a Neutrik XLR balanced output, phase invert switch, and ground lift switch. Designed and hand crafted in the USA. Sold direct from for $169 USD.

Watch the company's video demo:

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