Malekko Heavy Industry Announces the Scrutator

The pedal features a switchable two-pole bandpass or lowpass filter allows for extreme creative possibilities.

Portland, OR (August 28, 2015) -- It’s been an exciting year for Malekko Heavy Industry. Following the recent announcement of their collaboration with Roland on a new line of modular synthesizers comes the highly anticipated sample rate and bit reduction pedal appropriately named Scrutator.

Scrutator rises from Malekko’s new and powerful DSP platform and is the first of many radical pedals to come. External control over any combination of Rate, Bit, Filter, and Q controls (via expression pedal or control voltage), and a switchable 2-pole bandpass or lowpass filter allows for extreme creative possibilities.


  • Pre Amp control for effect input gain/attenuation
  • Bit Rate reduction control from 16bit to 2bit
  • Sample Rate reduction control from approximately 48kHz to 300Hz
  • Hands-free external control
  • Q control for bandwidth and amplitude filter amount
  • Clip LED indicates input clipping and adjustable with Pre Amp control

Scrutator will carry a suggested retail price of $189.

For more information:

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