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Maytech Music Systems Announces the DuGyte GP521 and GP721

A powerful pedalboard connection system with three signal returns and an isolated power supply.

Brisbane, Australia and San Diego, CA (December 12, 2016) -- Maytech Music Systems announced the release of the DuGyte GP521 and GP721 Pedalboard Connection System models that include a custom-built universal 100/240 VAC 50/60 Hz Class-II isolated power supply that gives guitarists the easiest and most powerful way to power up their pedalboard. Unlike existing power sources, the DuGyte Power Cell is located backstage, eliminating the need for AC power or switching supplies at the pedalboard. While reducing noise and hum, it has so much power that depending on power demands easily powers 25 or more pedals at multiple DC voltages.

Designed as an introductory model, the DuGyte GP521 provides three signal returns, for guitar/wireless loop-back, amp and footswitch, along with a MIDI interface. Its built-in power source provides six 9 VDC outputs supplying a whopping 4.5 amps of clean regulated power. The GP721 includes all of the capability built into the GP521, but has added an effects loop send and return capability along with additional regulated power output options. The GP721 is configured to provides 9, 12 and 18 VDC outputs supplying 5.0 amps of total power. Either model can handle the power needs of most if not all pedal board setups.

According to Gerard Mayo, Maytech Music Systems Managing Director, “The goal is to ensure that each model provides the required functionality, supplies maximum clean regulated power and delivers optimum sound quality while remaining affordable. The GP521, our introductory and lowest cost model, contains the common connections and power most guitarist would need. The next obvious step was introduction of the GP721, which adds an effects loop capability. Also, to accommodate effects that operate off different voltages, the GP721 replaces two 9VDC outputs with two switch-selectable 12VDC and 18VDC outputs.” He emphasized that, “When you consider the cost of one or more ‘wall warts’ or a stand-alone power supplies, power strips and multiple quality leads, all of which are no longer required, owning a DuGyte is very economical and really a no brainier.”

The GP521 and GP721 carry suggested retail prices of $469 and $589 respectively. The DuGyte Pedalboard Connection System can be purchased on the company’s website, and

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