An digital delay pedal with up to 1600ms of delay time.

Buenos Aires, Argentina (September 16, 2014) -- The Mr. Smith is a compact, but powerful, delay. The delay is voiced to get real repeats that blend perfectly with the clean sound. The analog dry-through preserves the tone clarity of the your instrument’s signal. The max delay is about 1600 ms and features tap tempo (without the need of an external tap switch), four types of subdivisions: quarter, eight, triplets, and the great rhitmic mode dual triplets (quarter + triplets), lush modulation with speed and depth controls, true bypass or buffered tails for smooth transitions. Internal input volume, output volume and kill dry controls. As all the MBS Effects pedals, the Mr. Smith delay is built with top quality components and two year warranty.


  • Tap tempo without the need of an external switch.
  • Two selectable bypass modes, true bypass or buffered tails.
  • Separated speed and depth modulation controls.
  • Four subdivisions: quarters, eights, dotted eights and dual triplets (quarters + dotted eights).
  • AC adapter included.

The Mr Smith carry a suggested retail price of $165.00.

Watch the company's video demo:

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