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Mesa/Boogie Releases the Switch-Track and Head-Track

The latest additions to the company's line of signal management products offers the option to instantly select between two amplifiers while also employing the same speaker cabinet and effects setup.


Petaluma, CA (May 9, 2018) -- MESA/Boogie is excited to announce the addition of the Switch-Track and Head-Track amplifier switching devices to its line of signal management products built in the company’s Petaluma, California shop.

The Switch-Track enables an either-or-both ABY scenario, for two amplifiers, giving the user the option to select between two different amplifiers, two identical amps for more channels and sonic options; or combine them for a bigger, fuller sound, or a specific blended character. The input is buffered to prevent signal loss due to increased loading when both amplifiers are engaged. Both outputs are transformer isolated for consistent tone and provide unbalanced or balanced signals for long cable runs. Additionally, the “B” output’s ground is default-lifted to eliminate ground loops. Switching, including phase, can be triggered at the unit itself for pedal-board mounted applications or remote controlled via Midi program change (or control change) commands sent from a Midi Controller in scenarios that require a switcher location near the amplifiers or in a larger touring rack setup.

Adding more advanced switching functionality to the series, the Head-Track Head + FX Loop Switcher delivers the option to instantly select between two amplifiers while also employing the same speaker cabinet and effects setup. It is intended for use near the amplifiers being switched to maintain minimal cable lengths, protecting signal integrity. A remote switch jack allows for simple On/Off MIDI switching or a latching footswitch located at the pedal-board for switching control. There is also an on-board footswitch to switch between the two amps from the unit itself in the rare instance where the Head-Track might be used on the pedal-board.

MESA claims that the new switching series introduces a number of key features that, until now, have been lacking in switching devices. “Our Head-Track was designed to be the most compact head-switcher available. Functionally, it supports two tube amps, two solid-state amps, or one of each and provides the ability to use and share time-based effects where they sound best, in the effects loops of the amps. At minimum, the Head-Track allows for an entire rig to be instantly switched between two amp heads for the ultimate backup scenario. We feel several features set the Switch-Track ABY apart. It’s able to drive three amplifiers (when using the tuner out as additional output that’s always on) without the need for extra transformer isolation. Balanced outputs allow the user to run very long cable runs with increased noise immunity. Additionally, we’ve added MIDI using standard DIN jacks, which is rare in pedal based ABY’s…and the ability to switch phase via MIDI is even more rare and it’s a key feature as phase between the amps in use can always remain sync'd regardless of phasing changes that may occur in different channels or modes of either amp when gain stages are engaged or bypassed. The result is consistent tone between both outputs because the signal path is identical, which is not typically the case with ABY’s since most isolate only one of the outputs.” said Mario Marino, Signal Management Product Designer for MESA/Boogie.

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