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MI Audio Unveil Flex SmartAmp

a The new amp combines vacuum tube circuit with iOS digital control

Sydney, Australia (December 28, 2012) -- Australia's MI Audio has announced an innovative new amplifier that combines a vacuum tube circuit with iOS digital control. They call it the Flex SmartAmp, and will be officially unveiling the product at the Winter NAMM show in January. Here are the details so far from MI Audio:

MI Audio has successfully developed the revolutionary technology in the Flex SmartAmp, the technology that is about to change the future of guitar amplification.

Flex SmartAmp encompasses an analog, pure vacuum tube amplifier circuit which can be digitally controlled via iOS to build a virtually limitless number of amplifiers. By using specially designed iOS software, the Flex SmartAmp has an intuitive control touch-screen interface that provides near-infinite amplifier options – all at your fingertips! Have access to an unmatched arsenal of amps, download custom one-offs, or design-your-own… your collection will be like no other. It will be the collection of amps you have always dreamed about.

Guitar amplifier technology has been divided in the past decade: the versatile digital modelling amplifier vs. the classic analog vacuum tube amplifier. New digital modelling technologies aim to best emulate the pure sound of a vacuum tube, but are met with numerous compromises along the way. Tube amplifiers provide the warm, vintage sound heard on all your favourite records, but don’t have the options or flexibility of the dozens of emulations that digital modelling provides. Never before has this divide been bridged… until now!

When asked about the technology, Ibrahim explains “The Flex SmartAmp is an all-analog path, vacuum tube amplifier like all of the classic designs before it. From the input jack to the speaker cabinet output, the signal flows through all of the traditional components found in customary amplifiers such as resistors, capacitors, power and preamp tubes etc. What sets the Flex SmartAmp apart is the way that these components are wired up to each other can be controlled via a mobile computing device such as a laptop, smart phone or tablet. Digital modelling amps typically switch and control DSP programming. Every option, dial and switch that corresponds to a physical component in the amplifier is switched in real time. When you flick the amp from Standby to On, you aren’t changing 0’s and 1’s. You are physically altering the voltages in the amp to give you the response, feel and character that digital modelling can never achieve. The control of these components is done via the integrated touch-screen. Slide, swipe and touch to recall your amp presets instantly, with each screen and set of controls changing with each amp preset.

It is now possible to create a limitless number of unique amplifier designs that can be saved and stored in your portable device. New circuits can also be downloaded via an “Amp Store” and one-off custom amp designs can be created. Flex SmartAmp users will be able to make and share their ideal schematics”.

The versatility of Flex SmartAmp is also tour friendly thanks to its genius design. The brain of Flex SmartAmp is separate from the brawn, which means that all of your amps, designs and presets are stored in your device (like your iPad) and can travel with you, in your carry-on luggage! Touring musicians will have their sounds and settings stored in their smart phone, table or laptop. Just hire a Flex SmartAmp at the destination and the sounds will be ready to go.

In the recording studio, Flex SmartAmp gives an unlimited* arsenal of pure vacuum tube amps ready to please the most discerning of players. Any modifications that are necessary to any of these amps are just a click away via the Schematics Editor. This allows you to tune the amplifier specifically for the user.

Flex SmartAmp is the only amp you will need – from the studio, to rehearsal, to live use or at home. Gone are the days where getting a new sound involves buying a new rig, or using something that simulates the wanted sound. Start your own personal collection of valve amps to your taste and style that will be like no other collection.

This is the technology that kills the tube vs. digital modelling debate. This is the technology that will set the tone of amps to come. This is the technology that you have to see.

MI Audio’s patent pending technology is a major evolutionary step in sound amplification. One of the exciting features is the open-ended collaborative approach to circuit design, not only between different equipment manufacturers but also between amp designers and end users.

*by unlimited, we mean you have 3.43 x 10154 options to choose from.

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