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Mission Engineering Announces Mission VM Pro Buffered and Switchable Volume Pedal

Mission Engineering Inc today announced the availability of the new VM-PRO series of volume pedals.

Petaluma, CA (May 2, 2013) -- Mission Engineering Inc today announced the availability of the new VM-PRO series of volume pedals. Using quality components and designed to exacting specifications, the VM-PRO introduces several innovative features never seen before in a volume pedal to meet the needs of the professional musician.

The VM-PRO features high quality onboard buffers that maintain frequency response when using long cable runs and multiple stomp boxes. The Mission buffer is a top of the line audio circuit and being integrated right into the volume pedal, you can avoid having to use a separate device, reducing the cable count and saving space and weight on your pedal board.


  • Switch selectable input for use with passive or active pickups
  • Variable output impedance for use with vintage fuzz and similar pedals
  • Sparkle switch restores brightness when rolling back volume
  • Isolated tuner output allows tuning silently or at any volume level.

“The VM-PRO integrates the features people have been requesting from us over the last year or more, plus a few bonus ones”, said Mission CEO James Lebihan. “Integrating high quality buffers into the volume pedal itself, removes the need for a separate buffer, which reduces complexity saving space and weight. Players also wanted a tuner out that would not introduce the dreaded ‘tone suck’, but could also be used either muted or with volume, and the VM-PRO delivers that. I also really like that the VM-PRO can be used with all sorts of different instruments including active and passive pickup guitars and Piezo Electrics. Now acoustic instrumentalists have a volume pedal that works for them too and I’m not sure they had many options until now”

The Mission VM-PRO is available now in standard and PZ versions from the Mission web store and Mission authorized dealers.

Street: $189

For more information:
Mission Engineering