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MOD Devices Launches the MOD Footswitch

MOD Devices Launches the MOD Footswitch

The footswitch allows users to toggle effects on and off, scroll through lists, and define tap tempos.

Berlin, Germany (May 23, 2018) -- MOD Devices, the Berlin-based creators of fully-configurable audio devices, are expanding their product line with an external controller, the MOD Footswitch. Sleek and compact, with four footswitches and two LCD screens, it grants extra controllability while adding a minimal footprint to musicians’ pedalboards, making it the perfect companion for the MOD Duo audio processor.

The MOD Footswitch allows users to toggle effects on and off but also to scroll through lists and define tap tempos with each extra switch, always keeping track of the configurations assigned to it thanks to its LCD screens and LED lamps. Like all of MOD’s products, its firmware can be upgraded as new features are developed to take full advantage of the processor inside the device.

The MOD Footswitch is the first device to use the Control Chain open standard developed by MOD Devices. Unlike MIDI, Control Chain assignments and messages contain the full information about the parameter being assigned, such as parameter name, absolute value, range and any other data contained in the audio plugins addressed to it. Having all that information on the device side allows developers to create powerful peripherals that can, for example, show the absolute parameter value on a display or use different LED colors to indicate a specific state. Also, up to four Control Chain peripherals can be daisy chained to a single MOD Duo.

According to MOD Devices’ CMO, Adriano Eliezer, “the MOD Footswitch is our first peripheral for the MOD Duo and a long-awaited product that we have honed in order to provide a seamless experience to our users. It is also our first product launch in 2018, a year of many news and important achievements".

The MOD Footswitch features:

  • An ARM Cortex-M0 processor
  • 2 16x2 character LCD screens
  • 4 footswitches with multi-color LEDs
  • USB (for updating the device) and Control Chain connections
  • Power over Ethernet

The MOD Footswitch measures 87mm x 280mm x 46mm [L x W x H] and weighs 0.5kg. Pricing per piece starts at US$179 (US and worldwide) and €159 (EU and UK). It can be purchased immediately at and it will also be available on, Just Music Berlin and other retailers such as Green Elephant Studios in the US.

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