The High Gainer offers classic distortion tones as well as over-the-top, mid-scooped metal bliss.

Indianapolis, IN (June 16, 2012) – ModTone Effects has been around for a short time, but has made a significant impact to the pedal market by introducing inexpensive stomp boxes that perform like no other. Their latest introduction, the High Gainer distortion pedal is no exception.

The High Gainer uses the same aircraft quality jacks and switches, as well as the same Die-Cast case construction that ModTone fans have become accustomed to. A dual concentric tone knob setup gives you classic distortion tones as well as over-the-top, mid-scooped metal bliss, while the separate level and gain controls allow you to customize your overall tonal experience.

• True Bypass.
• Aircraft Quality Jacks & Switches.
• Die-cast case.
• Dual-concentric Tone controls, 1 Level and 1 Gain.
• 9V battery included - external power capable.

As with all ModTone pedals, True Bypass circuitry keeps your signal crisp and true, while the 5 year warranty comes standard for your peace of mind.

The High Gainer is available now for $89.95.

For more information, visit:

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