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Mythos Pedals Unveils the Herculean V2 Overdrive and Cestus Booster

The Herculean has been rebuilt from the ground up and is aimed to cover everything from a slightly dirty boost to D-style overdrive.


Nashville, TN (June 29, 2018) -- Mythos Pedals is proud to announce the release of the Herculean V2 Overdrive and the Cestus Booster, just in time for Summer NAMM 2018. The Herculean V2 is an update to the standard Herculean model. Rebuilt from the ground up, this new overdrive offers players a huge palette of tones with it’s interactive volume, gain, clarity, and bass controls. With tones ranging from slightly dirty boost all the way to thick D-style sounds, the V2 model is great for players needing a little more from their pedalboard.

The Cestus is as straight forward as it gets, a powerful mini clean booster. Named after ancient battle gloves, this tiny stomp box packs a 30dB wallop of “Clean-ish” boost. It’s voiced to give your guitar just the right amount of sparkle and with it’s small footprint you can sneak it onto an already crowed board.

The Herculean V2 features:

  • Musical gain control that goes from slight dirty boost to cranked amp style sounds.
  • Clarity control for adjusting the overall “Transparency”.
  • Bass control, fully counter-clockwise it’s a slight bass cut, turning it clockwise increases low end response.

The Cestus features:

  • A single “Louder” control. Use it breath life into your signal or ask your amp for mercy.

Like all Mythos Pedals, these new additions are made with full size through hole components and are assembled by hand in Nashville, TN.

These pedals will have a street price of $199.00 for the Herculean V2 and $139.00 for the Cestus. They will be available for purchase from,, and Mythos Pedal dealers.

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