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Blackstar Introduces New HT MK III Valve Amps

Blackstar Introduces New HT MK III Valve Amps

Blackstar's HT MK III Series amps offer four voices, Infinite Shape Feature, and Power Reduction down to 10%. The addition of CabRig DSP technology and USB-C connectivity for professional recording. ISF control allows for versatile tonal shaping.

Blackstar has unveiled the latest incarnation of the company’s vaunted HT compact tube amps – the MK III Series.

There are eight models in the range: HT-1R MK III combo, HT-1RH MK III head, HT-5R MK III combo, HT-5RH MK III head, HT-20R MK III combo, HT-20RH MK III head, HT-212VOC MK III cabinet, HT-112OC MK III cabinet.

A new addition is Blackstar’s advanced IR-based CabRig DSP technology, an embodiment of latest innovations in speaker, cab, mic, and room emulation. This technology, originally featured in the company’s St. James and AMPED products, represents Blackstar’s commitment to making Blackstar the ultimate tools for self-expression. Coupled with 4-channel audio via the USB-C, capturing professional quality valve tone in your DAW is simple.

The CabRig outs (XLR, Stereo Line Out, and USB) can also be used in Standby Mode making it ideal for both recording and silent stages too. Upgraded circuit board components and an all-new digital reverb with adjustable parameters further enhance the tone and performance.

Patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature)

On the HT MK III amplifiers is Blackstar’s patented ISF. ISF stands for ‘Infinite Shape Feature’. Unique to Blackstar products, this control can take you from a more ‘American'-sounding amp all the way through to a classic ‘British’ amplifier and anywhere in between.

What does HT stand for?

‘HT’ stands for High Tension meaning the high voltage internal circuits needed to push valves to their full tonal potential. The HT name goes back to the very beginning of Blackstar and our first products: the HT valve pedals.

Prices for Blackstar’s new HT Series amps are:

  • HT-1R-MKIII $499.99
  • HT-1RH-MKIII $449.99
  • HT-5R-MKIII $699.99
  • HT-5RH-MKIII $649.99
  • HT-20R-MKIII $899.99
  • HT-20RH-MKIII $849.99
  • HT-112OC-MKIII $299.99
  • HT-212VOC-MKIII $499.99

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