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Flower Pedals Introduces the Lupine Fuzz

Lupine Fuzz guitar pedal from Flower pedals

An analog octave up and JFET fuzz in a single compact package.

The Lupine is designed to serve as two fuzz pedals in one compact enclosure, complete with an extra set of input and output jacks. The Purple Lupine is an updated version of our original Lupine Analog Octave Up pedal, which is based on octave circuits of classic octave fuzzes of the past. The Blend control allows you to blend between your clean signal and the octave up circuit and theLevel control allows you to set your output volume. What's new to this version of the Lupine is the Gain control, which allows you to control the gain into the octave circuit, ranging from a subtle, sputtery octave up to a blaring and piercing octave sound that'll probably make you want to turn your tone knob down.

Paired with this octave fuzz is the new JFET-based fuzz circuit on the Cream side of the pedal. The Cream Lupine consists of 3 controls, Input, Bias, and Output, all of which interact with each other. Input sets the input level to the fuzz circuit and works like the volume knob on your guitar with a treble bleed. The Bias control sets the bias of the main gain stage of the circuit, which can give you a range from gated or sputtery fuzz to a smooth, heavy distortion. Output then sets the overall output level from the fuzz. Using these controls you can go all the way from lighter overdrive sounds to fat, heavy fuzz!

You can use the two sides separately, or combine them for more unique tones. The spiky high end of the Purple side pairs really well with the heaviness of the Cream side. If you want to use the pedal like a single fuzz pedal which has an octave side, you can put the pedal into "single fuzz" mode by holding both footswitches at startup. This makes the left footswitch engage or disengage the entire pedal and the right footswitch controls whether the octave fuzz is applied or not.

Lupine Dual Fuzz - Flower Pedals

The Lupine is available for purchase both on the Flower Pedals website and for $199 plus free shipping in the U.S.

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