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Foxgear Introduces Four Miniamp/D.I. 100W Series Models

Foxgear Miniamp pedals

A new line of pedal-sized guitar amplifiers: the Miniamp/D.I. 100W Series is launching with four models, each boasting 100 watts of output power.

The different models replicate four of the most iconic amps in rock history, including the Fender Blackpanel, Marshall Plexi, Hiwatt and Vox. Each Foxgear Miniamp can faithfully reproduce the exact tone and behavior of their tube relatives. The four models are:

  • M-1959: British classic rock amp based on a Marshall Plexi.
  • HW-103: Another British icon based on a Hiwatt
  • TW-100: An American style amp based on a black panel Fender Twin Reverb
  • V-100: Based on the chiming British classic Vox tone

Foxgear M-1959 MiniAmp


Miniamp/D.I. Series Highlights include:

- Awesome and realistic sounding real full guitar amplifier

- Can be used as a Guitar Amplifier, Direct Box, or Both

- 100% Analog Amplifier, 100% Cab Simulator

- Infinite and real-time changing cab simulations with VARICAB

- 100W real RMS into 4 Ohms

- Powered by external 30-volt DC power unit -- included

Foxgear TW-100

The Miniamp/D.I. series is a compact, pedal-sized enclosure that can be used as a full-fledged guitar amplifier delivering up to 100 watts RMS into 4-ohm guitar cabinet, or it can be used as a Preamp with a couple of very useful options. The left side of the Miniamp D.I. is dedicated to the XLR Balanced Out, that has two controls and a switch. The control is an independent XLR’s out Volume, the control lets you choose between Direct or Cab Sim option, in case you want to exclude it and apply your favorite cab sim or IR from your DAW.

The other control delivers the Miniamp’s secret weapon: the VARICAB. Varicab is a 100% Analog Variabla Cab Simulator, not just another EQ control, it works on the feedback of the preamp and allows you to change the behavior of your amp in terms of frequencies, response, compression, punchiness. You’ll be able to get from your PA the same sound you’re hearing behind you from your guitar cab. It can be used only as a guitar amplifier on stage from the Speaker out, or for recording at home only from the XLR out with no need of a cabinet connected, or both together on stage.

Each Foxgear Miniamp/D.I. 100W Series amp carries a retail price of $249 USD. Foxgear products are currently distributed in USA by Alpha Distribution. For more information: