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Foxgear Presents the Professional Compact Series

Foxgear Presents the Professional Compact Series

A new line of mini-sized pedals that feature Wilma capacitors, Alpha pots, and golden pin relays.

Faenza, Italy (August 20, 2018) -- As you might know, Italians Gurus Amps and Baroni-Lab have recently joined to create Foxgear, a brand aimed at approaching the entry-level market. The Professional Compact Series offers mini pedals at affordable prices.

People usually think that cheap micro pedals aren't reliable and sound bad. Our answer to these concerns is offering a 5-year warranty. These pedals are used by big artists like Pink Floyd’s Guy Pratt and Steve Lukather.


  • Smart dimensions: The pedals from the Foxgear Professional Compact series measure only 2.3” x 4.7” x 1.1”, and thanks to their top-mounted jacks, they can easily fit in any pedalboard. You can fit four Foxgear pedals in the same space normally needed for three of the other manufacturer’s micro-pedals.
  • Quality: Foxgear pedals are constructed with non-SMD components in the audio path, with analog design, and high-quality components like Wima capacitors, real Alpha 16mm pots, non-plastic trimmers, and a true bypass circuit that includes Panasonic golden pin relays. That’s why all Foxgear pedals are covered with a full 5-year warranty!
  • Sound: We pay a lot of attention to sound; tone is everything. Generally, it is a rarity to see a micro pedal in a pro’s pedalboard. That is changing as the world wakes to discover the tone quality of the new Foxgear Professional Compact series pedals.
  • Look: The Foxgear Compact series is constructed with a completely screw-free housing. Additionally, the look is enhanced by the utilization of an acrylic faceplate that lights up with a pleasant warm-glow once connected to power a pure piece of art in an attractive, yet sturdy housing.

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