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Gretsch Introduces Electromatic Classic Models

Gretsch Introduces Electromatic Classic Models

A collection that includes six and twelve-strings, baritones and basses, lap steels and left-handed options for hollow bodies.

Gretsch announces today that its Electromatic Collection of electric guitars, basses, baritones and lap-steels is refreshed and refined with modern features for today’s players. The Electromatic’s Classic Hollow Bodies are available today, while the Collection’s Jet and Lap Steel models will launch March 30.

​Electromatic Classic Hollow Bodies

These big, bold electric guitars bring the brand’s prized snap and roar to life. Whether you’re looking for the punch of a six-string or a shimmer of the twelve-string, the FT-5E Filter’Tron pickups will bring the vintage thunder over the booming deep tones that only a hollow-body can deliver. All models feature a stunning refined laminated maple body reinforced by trestle block bracing. A classic “C” shaped maple neck with laurel fingerboard gives the guitar a classic feel in the hand, and the Graph Tech NuBone nut and Adjusto-Matic bridge makes for impressive sustain. The Master Volume with treble bleed circuit keeps tone bright at high volumes. The Electromatic Classic Hollow Bodies are available in single or double-cutaways, with either a Bigsby B60 Vibrato or G-cutout Tailpiece. These Classic Hollow bodies are available in a variety of colors specific to each model, such as Orange Stain, Azure Metallic Airline Silver and Snowcrest White.

​​Electromatic Jet BT

These models are perfect instruments for those looking for a next-step into the classic tone Gretsch is famed for. Their chambered mahogany body with a maple top produces a rich, present mid-range with the perfect combination of attack and resonance. A pair of Black Top Broad’Tron Pickups deliver the tone you’d desire from a Jet: capable of aggressive overdrive with the definition needed for pristine clean tone. The combination of individual pickup volume controls, master tone and master volume with treble bleed circuit provides global control over your pickup and tone settings. The Jet BT Single-Cut comes in a left-handed configuration finished in Jade Metallic and in a right-handed configuration finished in Jade Metallic, Bristol Fog or Midnight Sapphire.

Electromatic Jet Baritone

These guitars bring a tone all their own to the Electromatic series. If you’re looking for deep lows, thick mids and a vivid high end, the Jet Baritone delivers. Thanks to the excellent balance of its solid mahogany body, the mini-humbuckers drive subsonic tones while keeping each note beautifully distinct. Measuring in at 29.75”, the extended scale neck allows B to B tuning — use it to add color and texture in the studio or to double a lead onstage for a fiery live sound. The Electromatic Jet Baritone is available with a fixed v-stoptail tailpiece finished in Bristol Fog or Imperial Stain or with a Bigsby tailpiece available in Midnight Sapphire.

Electromatic Junior Jet Bass II Short-Scale

These bass guitars sport all the classic Gretsch appointments delivering massive, room-filling subsonic tones that boom out from the solid basswood body and versatile pickups. The Junior Jet Bass has a smooth and balanced tonality that’s easily delivered through the comfortable, easy-to-play short-scale maple neck (30.3”) with laurel fingerboard. Low-end color, smoothness and comfort make this a bass guitar worthy of the Electromatic name. Available in Imperial Stain, Bristol Fog and Shell pink.

Electromatic Lap Steel

The Lap Steels produce one of the most unmistakable sounds out there: the rich electric Hawaiian guitar. Featuring a solid mahogany body and an intense tonal response that new and veteran players alike will appreciate. The single-coil pickup provides excellent note clarity, which sealed die-cast tuners keep locked-in. Available in the brand-new colors: Broadway Jade, Tahiti Red and Vintage White.

Introducing the New Gretsch Electromatic Classic Hollow Body Models

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