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Messiah Guitars Introduces the Dandelion Fuzzdrive and Quiggly Octofuzz

Messiah Guitars Introduces the Dandelion Fuzzdrive and Quiggly Octofuzz

Boutique custom shop Messiah Guitars has introduced their first two guitar effects pedals: the Dandelion fuzz drive and Quiggly octofuzz.

The “Dandelion” fuzz drive pedal is a three-knob, high-gain dirt pedal that spans tones from a heavy fuzz to a beefy overdrive, brutalizing all the notes while keeping them decipherable even while strumming the most complicated chord. The wide range tone knob is highly interactive with the other controls to bring you a vast variety of sound quality. Its retro goldenrod color, purple knobs, and stylish dandelion graphics add to the joy – and the purple light-up foot switch replaces the need for a boring LED display light.

“We wanted to make a fuzz drive pedal where you can hear the individual notes in a chord even when they’re heavily distorted,” says Tom Hejda, owner of Messiah Guitars. “Most pedals just squash the notes into a big mess, so you don’t get the complex sound you’re looking for. We found a way to do it differently.

”Messiah’s “Quiggly” octofuzz pedal dares to perfect the Tycho Brahe Octavia pedal made famous by Jimi Hendrix. With a quirky octopus-in-a-sweater design on a vintage robin’s egg blue face, its 3 knobs are bright pink and the light-up foot switches glow red and – in a nod to Hendrix – purple. The innovative pedal preserves the ‘wooliness’ of the Octavia, adding a couple of useful features. The ‘Choke’ knob cleans up the input signal to tame fuzziness when desired, and a second footswitch kicks in the octave on demand.

Each pedal includes:

  • 3-knob controls; space-saving top side jacks; illuminated true bypass footswitches
  • Durable, cast aluminum alloy 125B enclosure with fun artwork
  • Easy to see, illuminated true bypass footswitches
  • Standard 9V pedal power input and internal 9V battery operation
  • Made in USA

Dandelion & Quiggly Pedal Demo

Dandelion and Quiggly retail for $199.00 each. For more information, please visit