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Nordstrand Audio Introduces PolyVox Multicoil Pickups

Nordstrand Audio Introduces PolyVox Multicoil Pickups

Nordstrand Audio's new PolyVox multi-coil pickups are designed to offer the ultimate expression of Carey Nordstrand's lifelong search for the most inspiring and musically evocative bass tone.

PolyVox pickups include asymmetrical angled coils with a proprietary Alnico magnet load and supporting ceramic bars that achieve real-world output in a totally passive design. At long last, discriminating bass players can enjoy the multitudinous benefits of a fully passive multi-coil pickup system that’s ready to drop into any 4, 5, or 6-string bass that fits our standard soapbar shape.

Isolating each string’s transducer alters the resonance of each pickup, resulting in a flatter, more “transparent” frequency response in comparison to conventional pickup designs. The focus, integrity, and texture of every note transcends even the best conventional pickup designs.

  • Multicoil, hum-cancelling bass pickups
  • Available as single neck, single bridge, or as a set
  • Angled poles
  • Built with Alnico and ceramic magnets
  • Laser cut, fiber bobbins
  • Potted in a paraffin-beeswax mix to contain any unruly frequency that may attempt to desecrate your desired tone.• Standard spacing is 19mm ctc at the bridge
  • Street price, starting at $192 for a single pickup.

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