Nordstrand Audio Releases the Nordenbocker Pickup

The classic Nordstrand Big Single is now available in Rickenbacker size.

Redlands, CA (March 5, 2018) -- Love your hi-gain Rickenbacker 4003 bridge pickup, but feel like the neck pickup is a little lo-gain? Here is your answer! The classic Nordstrand Big Single is now available in Rickenbacker size. The Nordenbocker: Big Single neck pickup is a drop-in replacement that fits without marring your bass. It even uses your stock pickup screws. Louder and more aggressive tones can now be found in your neck pickup to keep up with the gutsy stock bridge pickup. As an added bonus, with this Big Single your bass won’t have 60 cycle hum when you run both pickups together. Can you say bolder sound with less noise?! Street Price $113.

Technical Details:

  • Angled poles
  • Available in Alnico III or V magnets
  • Available in Alnico V magnets for an all-around more pulverizing and striking sound
  • Laser-cut vulcanized fiber bobbins.
  • Potted in a paraffin-beeswax mix to contain any unruly frequency that may attempt to desecrate your desired tone.
  • Classic Big Single in Rickenbacker size.
  • Slightly shorter magnet spacing, which makes for a thicker coil and thus a higher inductance.

For more information:
Nordstrand Audio

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