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Peavey Electronics Reissues 6505 1992 Original Amplifier

Peavey Electronics Reissues 6505 1992 Original Amplifier

The reissued 6505 1992 Original is the result of extensive research and development intended to produce the ultimate rock ‘n roll guitar amp.

The specifications of the 6505 1992 Original are tried-and-true with 120 W RMS into 16, 8, or 4 ohms. The High gain input has twice the gain of the Normal input and should be used when maximum overdrive is desired. Located on the opposite end of the back panel, two paralleled quarter-inch output jacks enable connection of the speaker enclosure to the amplifier. The adjacent Impedance Selector switch provides adjustment for the appropriate impedance of the speaker.

Users can switch between the Rhythm and Lead channel, both offering Pre and Post Gain. A Bright switch is available for the Rhythm channel, while a Crunch Select switch boosts the gain of the Rhythm to create a second “lead” channel. The equalization block features passive Low, Mid, and High EQ. The 6505 1992 Original also features the once-patented Resonance control, which controls the low-frequency damping of the speakers for dialing in the perfect "chug". The Presence control works in a similar manner to alter high frequencies. Players can experiment with their particular speaker and adjust according to personal tastes. A Standby switch puts the 6505 in a non-operational stand mode, so the tubes remain hot and ready for instantaneous operation, eliminating warm-up time. The built-in Ground switch helps to minimize hum and noise.

The 6505 1992 Original patches together the Effects Send output and the Effects Return input with quarter-inch phono jacks. Players can use the included footswitch to remotely select the outboard effects devices or to toggle the Lead or Rhythm channel. The Preamp Out provides connection to a mixing console or tape recorder.

Imitation may be considered the highest form of flattery, and the 6505 Series has had many admirers. However, there’s nothing quite like the original. Peavey is proud to reissue the 6505 1992 Original, reinvigorating this amp’s rock ‘n roll spirit and inspiring a new generation of players.

Visit Peavey at NAMM in Room 210A.

List $1899.99, Street $1299.99

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