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Photo by Norman Wong

Hard-hitting, dance-punk duo Death From Above 1979 takes production into its own hands and delivers an onslaught of noisy dance mayhem on Is 4 Lovers.

For brash Canadian rock 'n' roll duo Death From Above 1979, the road to maximum impact has always been paved with as few elements as possible: drums, vocals, a bit of synth, and some wildly athletic and fuzzed-out bass guitar.

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The latest iteration includes an OLED display, clean/dirty blend control, and software speaker impedance matching.

In late 2015, Bergantino Audio Systems launched the original B|Amp. This award-winning, groundbreaking and revolutionary bass amplifier broke the mold, gaining a host of awards and accolades, not only from the industry, but from the bass playing community worldwide.

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Rig Rundown - Quicksand's Walter Schreifels

The post-hardcore heavyweight lays out the tonal road map for the new Distant Populations—including a shocking secret-weapon practice combo. Plus, he explains his pedal evolution from abstinence to indulgence.

Walter Schreifels has played foundational foil for over 25 years, with his focused, angular, coarsely melodic guitar grounding his more adventurous, effected counterparts in Quicksand, Vanishing Life, and Rival Schools. (The later even released an album in 2011 called Pedals.)

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The HOF-er regales Cory with legendary classic rock guitar tales, gives his simple recipe for a good tone, and shares his reasons for trying to make a difference in the world.

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Don't miss the latest and greatest gear finds for your acoustic!

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This collaboration with Darkglass Electronics offers a limited-edition model with built-in effects.

New for 2021, Ernie Ball Music Man is pleased to announce the all-new DarkRay 4 string bass. Designed in collaboration with world-renowned bass accessory manufacturer Darkglass Electronics, the DarkRay Bass unlocks a whole new range of sonic capabilities.

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