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Perri Ink L'amante (left) and Show & Tell (right)

The new Perri Ink "Show & Tell" was designed in part to pay homage to the band and record that gave company owner Nick Perri his start in the music industry

Los Angeles, CA (January 2013) - Christina Perri alongside brother Nick Perri, owner of PERRI INK. Custom Guitars, announced today the company is releasing an official limited edition Christina Perri artist signature guitar model. The guitar, called "l'amante" which means "the lover" in Italian, was designed & built to Christina's exact specifications. "Doing a signature model guitar for my sister was an honor, and a fantastic experience. We grew up very close, and still work together to this day, so building this guitar was easy. I already knew her sound and what she would need out of an electric guitar", said Nick.

According to Nick: "The name couldn't be more fitting for this instrument. Its subtle yet striking aesthetic is complimented by unparalleled build quality, features, and tone. With hand-wound Bare Knuckle pickups, a Callaham stainless steel & brass bridge assembly, select alder & maple tonewoods, and a beautiful paint job by Bobby Bordeaux of French Kiss Kustoms, this guitar does justice to the beautiful and talented artist for whom it was built."

Watch Perri Ink's video demo of the guitar:

The 1st "l'amante" guitar will be on display at this years NAMM show in Anaheim CA from January 25-27th, and Christina will be in attendance on the 25th for an autograph signing. A limited number of guitars will be built this year.

The new Perri Ink "Show & Tell" was designed in part to pay homage to the band and record that gave company owner Nick Perri his start in the music industry, and also to very specifically nail 3 of the most significant tones used on the Silvertide record, "Show and Tell." Aside from its comfortable body contours and stunning good looks (supplied by Casey Johnson at Headcase Kustom Art), it also features our most ambitious pickup configuration and wiring schematic to date. From a think humbucking crunch in the bridge, to a P90 jangle in the neck, and a tapped and paralleled combination of both, this guitar can summon tones to cover ALL your bases.

Watch a Perri Ink's video demo of the guitar:

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