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Pettyjohn Electronics Introduces the Lift Buffer/Boost

Pettyjohn Electronics Introduces the Lift Buffer/Boost

The third offering in their new single-pedal format, the Foundry Series.

Albany, OR (September 7, 2016) -- The co-owners, Stephen Pettyjohn and Chris Hoff of Pettyjohn Electronics, based out of Albany, OR, announced on Monday, September 2nd, 2016, the Pettyjohn Lift. The Pettyjohn Lift is the third offering in their new single pedal format, the Foundry Series, and it draws inspiration from their original signature pedal, The PreDrive. The Lift is a studio-grade buffer/boost pedal utilizing the best of modern discrete opamp technology. The Lift is built with the same top shelf components as the PreDrive so it retains its audiophile level performance. However, Pettyjohn has taken it a step further with several notable changes!

The Lift operates as an always-on pedal, being either in buffer mode or boost mode, switchable via the footswitch. The buffer is a truly state-of-the-art circuit, featuring a single discrete opamp powered by a dual-rail power supply providing huge headroom and tuned for absolute transparency. The discrete opamp gently "lifts" the tonal quality without unwanted color, unlocking every nuance of your guitars tone with a musical, 3D depth. The buffer mode has an input gain control that allows the user to boost the signals core gain slightly with absolute sonic fidelity.

The boost mode, activated via the footswitch activates the boost gain knob and unlocks loads of clean gain! The Lift boost has 24dB of clean gain on tap at standard 9V operation and if you need more, there is an internal toggle switch that boosts the max gain to a whopping 32 dB of clean gain, recommended when using an 18V power adaptor. Whether you just need a small jump to bring your lead out front or if you need to push your amp over the top into sweet high gain tones, the Lift can handle it with ease.

Although the Lift features one of the cleanest, most musical Buffer and Boost circuits on the planet, the Lift’s features don’t stop there. We equipped the Lift with a studio-grade EQ, featuring recording console styled high cut and low cut filters. Both filters start at the extreme edge of the audible range and gently sweep towards the mid-range with a roll off rate of 6 dB per octave. The Filters are very transparent and allow the user to shape the signal while leaving your guitars fundamental tone completely intact. Furthermore, the mini toggles on the Lift provide a unique function. The mini toggles are used to assign each filter, which can each be independently active only in Boost mode or always active! Assignable filters allow for a large variety of creative applications not possible with your average boost pedal. Treble boost, mid boost and bass boost are all possible in various shades, as well as being able to use the pedal as a simple EQ without extra gain.

The Lift is a culmination of almost three years of R&D in the application of discrete opamp application! The Lift is now the first pedal to offer pure discrete opamp based tone on 9V-18V standard pedal power and have assignable EQ. We are excited to release a serious tool for tone that we know surpasses anything available on the market today!


  • Discrete opamp always-on buffer with variable input gain
  • Discrete opamp powered boost with 9v and 18v gain modes for up to 32 dB of clean gain
  • Studio-grade EQ with transparent, wide-range high cut and low cut Filters
  • Filters can be independently assigned to be always-on or active in boost mode only
  • Full-range frequency response: 20Hz-22kHz, (EQ off)
  • High-performance power: dual-rail power section with 9V to 18V operation range, providing 18V-36V of voltage swing for huge internal headroom while drawing under 100mA and whisper quiet
  • Audiophile, studio-grade performance in a pedal
  • Pedalboard-friendly footprint and rear-mounted jacks
  • Custom box and circuit Handmade in Oregon, USA
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