Pro Tone Pedals Introduces Essential Edition Dead Horse Overdrive

It continues to use the famed 4558 chip to create deeper bass, smoothed out mids, and biting overdrive.

Charleston, SC (May 11, 2016) -- Pro Tone Pedals has just introduced its new Essentials line of pedals that includes a newly designed version of its highly popular Dead Horse Overdrive.

The scaled-back Essential Edition offers all the tone players have come to expect with half the size and at a fraction of the price.

According to Dennis Mollen, founder of Pro Tone Pedals, "We’ve removed the diode selection switch, a feature that added such subtle differences that we decided to remove it. That’s really all that’s worth mentioning. The rest of the changes are production-based, allowing us to shrink the pedal, the build time and the price."

The new Essential Dead Horse still offers the renowned tone that made its big brother famous – the classic TS808 voice with deeper bass, smoothed out mids, and biting overdrive when cranked. It continues to use the famed 4558 chipset for the mythical mojo.

$169 MSRP

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