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Sax Appeal - Aug. '17 Ex. 1

Jessica has been Slash’s main stage guitar since 1988 when Gibson sent him the original Jessica, a factory second. Now Gibson adds the Slash “Jessica” Les Paul Standard model to their Slash Collection—a new model based on Slash’s old favorite, street-priced at $3,199.

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Rig Rundowns, Relic Guitars, and AI: The Ultimate Music Gear Discussion
AI & Music, Relic Guitars, Nuno Bettencourt Rig, Gibson Theodore & Line 6 Catalyst | Gig Rundown 3

The PG Video crew of John Bohlinger, Perry Bean and Chris Kies recall a pair of killer Rig Rundowns with Nuno Bettencourt & Pat Badger of Extreme and Sammy Boller. Then the trio focus on new gear pieces from Keeley, Danelectro, Gibson, Line 6, and Schecter, before dishing out their opinions on relic guitars, sharing new music they're excited about from Gary Clark Jr, Charley Crockett and Black Country Communion. And they conclude their hang with a discussion about how AI will continue shaping music and songwriting.

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Which Fender amp would pair with this breezy ’65 Gibson ES-125CD?

Photo by Jens Mosbergvik

With a few simple tweaks, you can get any classic Fender amp to cooperate with whatever guitar you like.

I find endless fascination in experimenting with different combinations of guitars and amps. Many of you may also have made surprising discoveries with certain amps and guitars as “killer” combinations. In this column, we’ll delve into the reasons behind these magical pairings, and discuss how you can modify your amp to achieve the elusive tone that lingers in your mind day and night. While having a variety of amps at your disposal is one solution, it’s undeniably an expensive and impractical one. Fortunately, knowledge is a more accessible asset. In my previous column, I explored speaker cabinets that can expand the versatility of your amp. I recommend giving it a read, as it closely ties into this topic.

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