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Soundboy Massacre Launches the Wobbler Tremolo Pedal

A dual-tremolo effect based on the tremolo circuit found in the classic Fender brownface amps.

Baltimore, MD (January 4, 2012) -- Soundboy Massacre has released the new Wobbler pedal, a dual-tremolo effect based on the tremolo circuit found in the classic Fender brownface amps.

Rather than the typical amplitude modulation employed by most tremolo effects, the Wobbler uses two variable waveforms oscillators to drive a voltage controlled mixer which mixes the outputs of an adjustable high pass and low pass filter. These pedals are tailored for guitar, but provide a wide enough frequency response for use with bass or synthesizer. The modulation waveform for each oscillator is selectable between triangle and square wave via a footswitch on either side.

These pedals are handmade in Baltimore, and feature an all analog signal path comprised of high quality components for maximum fidelity. The pedal retails for $200, and is currently available at

Watch Soundboy Massacre's demo of the pedal:

For more information:
Soundboy Massacre

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