A flexible stomp that spans overdrive and fuzz modes, and sometimes seems to blend them in an inspiring way.

A very juicy, creamy, dynamic fuzz tone that’s well suited to many styles. Bonus slate of drive tones.

Crown-mounted knobs can be tricky to see.


Beetronics Nectar


If you imagine a gain-pedal spectrum, fuzz is usually situated at one end and boost at the other. The Nectar, from California builder Beetronics, makes it possible to explore both extremes in a single pedal. It also beautifully blurs the lines between those extremes, generating fuzzy overdrive, and thicker, more OD-like fuzz within its wide range.

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Get out your DMM, and let's explore the simple ways to ground Strats, Teles, and Les Pauls. The good news is, there is no such thing as overgrounding.

Hello, and welcome back to Mod Garage. Today we'll take a deeper look into grounding passive guitars—and basses, of course. This subject causes a lot of confusion and endless (mostly obsolete) discussions. There's no guitar forum without at least one escalating thread about grounding. Often the golden rules of grounding in active circuitry are simply transferred to passive circuits and declared to be the only truth. You can find discussions about star-grounding where the forumites have a real go at each other about the best way and materials to do it, etc.
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