Porfirio, Candelario, and Manuel Delgado, from left to right, in the family’s Los Angeles shop.

Our new columnist bares his family’s roots in guitar-building, going back to 1928 and his grandfather, who made instruments for Segovia and many others.

I’ve had the honor and blessing of growing up as a luthier’s apprentice. My entire life, being around instruments and music was the norm, and creating with my hands was equally a joy as playing hide-and-seek or baseball in the street. I’ve never known a world absent of artists or craftsmanship. In fact, many of us who’ve grown up the children of immigrants have had similar experiences, from watching our mothers and grandmothers create amazing traditional meals from raw ingredients to our fathers and grandfathers building what was necessary for shelter or creature comforts. My grandfather would often remind me, “If you can’t make it with your own hands, you probably do not need it.”

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Trussart Custom Guitar Shop Tour

PG's Rebecca Dirks is on location in Los Angeles, CA where she visits the Trussart Custom Guitar Shop and gets led on a tour by James Trussart.

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