Fender’s Tone Master series of amplifiers includes the Super Reverb, a 200-watt Twin Reverb in black and blonde Tolex, a 100-watt Deluxe in black and blonde, and a 12-watt Princeton Reverb (not pictured).

Chasing classic tones with new tech has kept major tube-first amp companies and designers in the game. Here’s how they’ve done it.

Darren Monroe had been working with musical instrument retail giant Sweetwater for 18 years when he was promoted to senior amps and effects buyer in 2019. The company’s senior category manager for those products had seen a lot of change in gear up to that point, but a major shift from that year has stuck with him: It’s when Fender’s Tone Master series launched. Legacy tube amp manufacturers had produced digital amps before, but Monroe says the Tone Master was different.

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An understated, utilitarian buffer/boost/preamp that can profoundly reshape your tones.



Intuitive and transformative impedance control. Excellent transparent boost. Includes AmpliTube 4.

Feature set might be overkill for some.


IK Multimedia Z-Tone Buffer Boost


Ease of Use:


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