EarthQuaker Devices Sunn O Life Pedal V3 Demo | First Look

The doom device's third iteration includes a thorough circuit tweak designed to capture the band's shattering, front-end saturation felt throughout 2019's Life Metal.

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Neural Quad Cortex Demo - First Look

An effortless, intuitive touch-screen interface and big-time number-crunching horsepower yield a super-flexible floor processor that rivals the best in the biz.

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Inspired by a cult favorite, this decadently deviant "harmonizer" makes it an absolute breeze to indulge anti-tonal tendencies. The PG RPS Effects Arcade Machine review.

Fabulously freaky possibilities. Expression-pedal control maximizes mayhem potential by letting you scroll through all 11 intervals in real time.

Not for the tame. Masks the voice of virtually every pedal running into it, making signal-chain placement key.


RPS Arcade Machine


Ask adventurous pedal builders to name the coolest weird pedal ever, and there's a good chance you'll hear something about the Schumann Electronics PLL. RPS Effects' aptly named new Arcade Machine is the latest of many available PLL homages. While others have shrunken and simplified the approach (EarthQuaker Devices' Data Corrupter and Mantic's Flex being perhaps the best known), the Arcade Machine remains on the large side, though it does manage to cut the number of controls from Schumann's 15 to 11—and to label their functions much more self-evidently.

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