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Rich Robinson's longtime tech, Doug Redler, shows us Robinson's rig—which includes everything from relic’d Gibsons to Japanese Zemaitis models, and even a few Gretschs and Teles.

Rich's longtime tech, Doug "Red" Redler, to go through the gear Robinson is using on the Crowes' latest tour. A large portion of the band's gear was damaged during Hurricane Sandy and Redler had to replace nearly everything in Robinson's touring rig. On this leg, Robinson was hauling everything from relic'd out Gibsons to Japanese Zemaitis models, and even a few Gretschs and Teles.

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Despite being known primarily as a veteran guitarist, Robinson admirably pulls off a triple-threat of feeling in epic riffs, great singing, and interesting lyrics.

Through a Crooked Sun
Rich Robinson
Circle Sound Records

Black Crowes guitarist Rich Robinson’s sophomore solo effort, Through a Crooked Sun, opens up with a lazy vibe, riding on the psychedelic-tinged swagger of “Lost and Found.” Midway through the disc, however, brighter melodies and tones emerge as the instrumentation gets punchier. Despite this slow, subtle shift, the album functions as a congruous set of songs anchored by one person.

The momentum starts to build with “I Don’t Hear the Sound of You,” an acoustic strummer with a surprisingly jazzy instrumental section. Robinson handles all the guitar and bass work, and even dabbles in organ on a few tracks, most notably on the near-seven-minute “Follow You Forever.” Throughout the album, Robinson strategically employs his blues chops, though it appears the folk-inspired Robinson wanted a stripped-down feel for Crooked Sun, as the chords and percussion could easily branch off into epic rock jams. Robinson’s masterful playing and ability to find the right outlets give the song skeletons both supple flesh and deep soul.

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