Supro Amulet Demo | First Look

Power attenuation plus all-tube tremolo and reverb make this a killer club amp at a nice price.

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Your Supro Brentwood (Model 1650T) was produced in the mid-1950s and according to the 1955 Supro catalog, the Brentwood was “Supro’s finest amplifier with powerful-range tremolo.”

LEFT: A mid-’50s Supro Brentwood: Manufactured by Valco, this compact combo was marketed as Supro’s top-of-the-line amp at the time. RIGHT: This collectible, tweed-wrapped Brentwood includes a footswitchable tremolo with speed control, three input jacks, and a pair of 11" x 6" oval-shaped speakers.

Hi Zach,
I have a Supro Brentwood amp that I picked up at a guitar show over 20 years ago for a few hundred bucks. I find myself using it often because it’s a small, compact amplifier with tremolo (my favorite effect). I was wondering what it’s worth today and what ever happened to Supro.
Robert in Virginia

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