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The Tao of Jeff Beck - Mar. '18 Ex. 1

The Blink-182 guitarists signature is a semi-hollow guitar that features a streamlined control setup, modern "C" neck, and Fender locking tuners for tuning stability.

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Texas Wesleyan’s mariachi ensemble, Mariachi Oro Azul.

Photo by Ramon Niño

Dedicated educators across the U.S. are bringing mariachi to young musicians, and creating an exciting future for music.

Once again, my travels have put you, the reader, in my thoughts, and my recent trip to Texas inspired me to share more about a sound that has been a big part of my life—one that many musicians and guitarists appreciate for its musical stylings. I’m speaking of one of the more popular ensembles of Mexico, mariachi!

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Precision machined from solid brass, these saddles offer enhanced density and tonal qualities, delivering a sharper attack, extended sustain, and a warmer tone compared to stock thin pressed-steel or zinc block-style saddles.

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