Tools for the Task: Guitar Hangers

Be it lack of floor space, wanting to display your treasures instead of keeping them in the closet, the desire to have an axe or five within reach when inspiration hits, or keeping them out of reach from your curious cats and shorties, here are some of the numerous options out there for hanging your guitars out of harm’s way.


CC15 Horizontal Holder
This 2-piece wall hanger displays your instrument horizontally, and because of its dual-piece design, it allows for many display positions. The hardware can also be swapped to accommodate lefty guitars.
Street: $28.99


This self-closing guitar wall hanger fits most guitars and basses, and features see-through gates that permit removal and return in one second with one hand. With its clean and elegant design, the hanger softly and securely cradles instruments away from the wall and off the floor.
Street: $31.99


GSP29WB Universal Hanger
Featuring a wood base, this universal instrument hanger has an “auto-swivel” yoke that’s covered in specially formulated foam. The hanger’s auto grip system (AGS) rotates automatically to accommodate different shaped guitars and basses.
Street: $27.99


Guitar Hanger MX
This heavy-duty wall-mounted system holds multiple guitars to keep all your axes within easy reach. Boasting a high-performance powder-coat finish, the sleek hangers are easily removable and repositionable, and the heads rotate 180 degrees for hanging guitars straight or at an angle.
Street: $176 (as shown)


Active Halo Guitar Wall Hanger
This easy-to-mount, self-closing wall hanger displays your instrument safely and securely with its pair of gates to lock your guitar in place. The tilted design uses the simplicity of gravity to secure your instrument, and the padded-rubber contact surface protects necks from scratches.
List: $39.99


Featuring a solid-oak base, this compact all-in-one wall hanger is designed for players to not only display their prized axe, but also keep tuners, capos, straps, picks, and cables close at hand for that moment when inspiration strikes.
Street: $29.99


16240 Guitar Wall Hanger
This screw-on wall mount accommodates a wide variety of guitar shapes. A patented, flexible hooking-in and clamping system quickly and firmly grasps the guitar neck, and the support arms are covered with non-marring rubber to protect the instrument.
Street: $19.99


Brass Antiqued-Finish Wall Hanger
Designed to “hand cradle” your instrument, this unique guitar hanger is easy to install and offers a cushioned insert to ensure your instrument’s neck and headstock are completely protected.
Street: $49.99


When cramped surroundings make it impractical to use a standard instrument stand, this device allows a stringed instrument to be suspended from the smallest of level areas. Bonus: The D’Angle fits inside a standard guitar case and also works with headless instruments.
Street: $19.95


The Wall Stand
Available in a variety of wood options, these handcrafted wall hangers are designed to allow the weight of a guitar to be entirely supported by the bottom bracket. This “wall stand” approach means your instrument can be conveniently and securely displayed without the stress of being hung by its neck.
Street: $170

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