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Twang 101: Folsom Prison Blues – Jul. '18 Ex. 5

This Valco “mutt” guitar was built with leftover parts at a Japanese factory, including an old tremolo, random pickups and switches, and a bridge that makes it difficult to intonate.

When you’ve built your entire life around guitars, our columnist says, it’s shockingly easy to connect their history with just about anything—including dogs.

I was talking to my wife the other day about selling guitars. My daughter wants a car, so I’ve been unloading a few nice electrics on fellow collectors with the hope that I can get my girl something safe to drive. My wife and daughter were joking about how much guitars are a part of our lives, and how I can connect anything to guitars, design, and music.

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The effects pioneer launches three new pedals that pair iconic drives into a single box, with circuit design that allows four variations on each pedal’s classic tones.

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If you can’t figure out how to play Joe Bonamassa’s solo from “Blues Deluxe,” don’t worry. Neither can Chris Shiflett. But it all changes when Shifty sits down with Bonamassa for this special episode of Shred With Shifty. No surprise that both of them reach for their Les Pauls, and Bonamassa even reveals why he switched from Strats to Gibsons in the early 2000s.

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