Rig Rundown - Quicksand's Walter Schreifels

The post-hardcore heavyweight lays out the tonal road map for the new Distant Populations—including a shocking secret-weapon practice combo. Plus, he explains his pedal evolution from abstinence to indulgence.

Walter Schreifels has played foundational foil for over 25 years, with his focused, angular, coarsely melodic guitar grounding his more adventurous, effected counterparts in Quicksand, Vanishing Life, and Rival Schools. (The later even released an album in 2011 called Pedals.)

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The HOF-er regales Cory with legendary classic rock guitar tales, gives his simple recipe for a good tone, and shares his reasons for trying to make a difference in the world.

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Having gained access to a specimen from Seattle's Museum of Pop Culture, Paul Reed Smith takes aim at the tones of Hendrix's modified Woodstock head.

Fantastic range of Marshall-esque tones, from clean and lovely to tough, mean, and singing.

No standby switch. Minor cab rattling audible at moderate volumes. Head may need securing at high volume and bass settings.

$2,900 (head)
$899 (2x12 Stealth)


Just as PRS's 2012 HXDA was inspired by firsthand looks at one of slide legend Duane Allman's amps from his seminal At Fillmore East performance, the brand-new HX 50 is the result of Paul Reed Smith and PRS amp guru Doug Sewell getting extensive access to a Marshall head reportedly used by Jimi Hendrix during his iconic performance at the 1969 Woodstock festival.

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Propagandhi's Sulynn Hago On The Dead Kennedys' "Holiday In Cambodia" - Hooked

The punk-rocking ripper extensively details how East Bay Ray's "smacky, bouncy" delays, "sour" dissonant chords, and suspense-and-release playing sideswiped them into the guitar universe.

Don't miss the latest and greatest gear finds for your acoustic!

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The latest iteration includes an OLED display, clean/dirty blend control, and software speaker impedance matching.

In late 2015, Bergantino Audio Systems launched the original B|Amp. This award-winning, groundbreaking and revolutionary bass amplifier broke the mold, gaining a host of awards and accolades, not only from the industry, but from the bass playing community worldwide.

With the launch of B|Amp Mk2, the updated model gives the modern bassist even more tools for their sonic armory. Time never stands still, so founder and head engineer Jim Bergantino has taken all the goodness from the original B|Amp design and brought it forward, not only updating its look with a gorgeous new OLED screen, but also adding new and powerful features in the process; such as serial and parallel compressor options and a clean blend for the drive effects. Much of the updates have been based on players' feedback and suggestions.

Jim Bergantino shares: "We are never satisfied with the status quo and are always looking for ways to advance the bass amplification industry. While this theory guides us, input from players has also played a critical role in assisting us as to what features are needed to help make the B|AMP the ultimate working musician's toolbox."

Perfect for the studio, rehearsing at home, recording or playing live, the highly-advanced B|Amp Mk2 is incredibly flexible and delivers maximum performance in a lightweight, compact, yet intuitive package.

More than suitable for electric, electronic and amplified acoustic bass tones, B|Amp Mk2 plays well with any genre of music. With its 800 W RMS output, unique Speaker Profile System, 4-Band Multi-function EQ, Programmable Filters, built-in Chromatic Tuner, Variable-Ratio Compressor and BFT Drive Effects, it truly is a chameleon in the world of bass amplification.

Mk 2 New Features:
• New ultra-crisp and easy-to-read OLED display
• User choice of serial and parallel compressor (scene savable)
• Added clean/dirty blend percentage for drive effects (scene savable)

Special Features:
• DSP Embedded System Controlled Bass Amplifier
• 800W RMS output (@ 2.67/2 Ω), 700W RMS (@ 4Ω), 350W RMS (@ 8Ω)
• Software Speaker impedance matching for optimal power transfer
• 4-Band Multifunction EQ with adjustable frequency range and "Q"
• Revolutionary Bergantino Speaker Profile EQ System

Additional Features:
• Programmable Filters: Bright Switch, Variable High-Pass Filter, Variable Low-Pass Filter, VariableFeedback filter
• Built in Chromatic Tuner
• On-Board Variable-Ratio Compressor (VRC)
• M Big Fat Tube (BFT) drive circuits - Overdrive, Distortion 1 or Distortion 2 (Fuzz)
• User Programmable Memory Settings
• Auxiliary Input and Headphone jacks - for personal monitor and practice use
• Effects send and return loop
• Dual Speakon Outputs• Studio-Quality DI - selectable Pre or Post EQ
• Line Output - pre-amp
• Selectable Phase Output (Normal or Reverse)
• USB port: allows software upgrades/profiles, wireless footswitch connectivity (optional) and portable device charging

$1199 street

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