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Vertex Effects Unveils the Tone Secret

A dual-circuit design that aims to cop the sound of a cranked amp with a classic stomp.

Oakland, CA (March 11, 2019) -- The secret is out! We are proud to introduce the newest member to our range of pedals: The Tone Secret.

Many players struggle to produce the sounds they hear on their favorite records with a green screaming overdrive pedal and a clean, pedal-platform amplifier. Players try to solve this issue by diming the drive knob on their pedals; but the truth is, those legendary guitar tones are the result of a cranked amp being pushed even further by a mildly distorted, mid-bumped overdrive pedal.

The Tone Secret is our answer to the confusion surrounding the green screaming overdrive. Packed into a modestly sized enclosure are two different circuits: one is inspired by the green overdrive pedal that we all know and love; the other is a solid-state version of the legendary blackface 12AX7 preamp. The pre-vol knob controls how hard you want the overdrive circuit to hit the preamp circuit, and the master knob controls the output volume of both circuits working together. The grit knob gives control over the amount of drive coming from the screamer circuit.

Additionally, a two-band EQ was added in place of the traditional tone knob, allowing you to surgical with mid and high frequencies. Gone are the days of throaty, oversaturated drive tones. With the Tone Secret, the illusive guitar tones made famous by legendary users of the screaming overdrive pedal will be at your fingertips.

In short, the Tone Secret gives you access to the sound of a screaming overdrive pedal running into a cranked 12AX7 amplifier at volumes that won’t upset your housemates, neighbors, or sound engineers.

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