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Vick Audio Introduces the V-2

Vick Audio Introduces the V-2

The V-2 was created to replicate the sound of the legendary Cornish G-2.

Gilbert, AZ (September 8, 2015) -- Vick Audio, a longtime pedal builder that specializes in reproductions of out of production effects units from the 60’s and 70’s as well as original effects, is excited to announce the release of its latest guitar effects pedal the V-2.

The V-2 was created to replicate the sound of the legendary Cornish G-2, which is currently being produced but hard to find and extremely expensive. Vick Audio has chosen this product to bring its customers what has been hailed as the most original distortion unit currently produced at a price that musicians can afford. The V-2 is not an exact reproduction of the original version. We kept what made the original great and made some improvements to allow more consistency and flexibility.

One of the differences in the V-2 distortion unit is that it was designed to be a true bypass pedal rather than a pedal that uses a buffer when bypassed. This allows the input buffer to function when the pedal is engaged, but not when it is turned off. This gives the musician the option to add buffers into their signal chain as they see fit.

Vick Audio avoids using germanium due to its inconsistency in different climates and settings, and instead chooses to use Bat41 silicon clipping diodes in place of the germanium diodes found on the original unit. In addition to these changes, customers can expect a 3PDT true bypass switch, Neutrik audio jacks, 2.1 mm Boss style power jack (no internal 9V battery clip), a powder coated aluminum enclosure, and a hand-wired, boutique quality pedal that is made in the USA.

The V-2 is able to give musicians overdriven tones with excellent harmonic at lower sustain settings or full on singing distortion at higher sustain settings. The V-2 is retailing at $139.

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