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NUX Trident Demo | PG Plays

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John Bohlinger puts the NUX TRIDENT to the test to show you how this amp modeler can be a huge asset to any working guitarist.

NUX Trident

Perfect for live applications, the NUX TRIDENT NME-5 guitar processor offers plenty of I/O options. Features include the Send/Return effect loop for external effects, two balanced XLR outputs to the PA system, Phones output for monitoring, Exp. Pedal input for adding an expression pedal, Master Vol pot and MIDI in/out. The TRIDENT is constructed from one-piece die-cast aluminum chase, making it solid, strong and built for live performance. The TRIDENT features NUX’s iconic TSAC-4K Amp Modeling (White-box Physical Modeling algorithm). The TSAC-4K Amp Modeling algorithm is twice as complex than previous versions. This led NUX to design a new hardware platform with two DSPs—one to handle all the effects, and the other to handle the amp modeling algorithm. Additionally, the TRIDENT uses premium A/D and D/A converters and analog circuits to achieve a clear sound with low noise levels.