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Vox Expands MV Amp Line, Introduces the Starstream Type-1 Plus and Giulietta Series

The Giulietta series uses the AREOS-D system along with the guitar’s magnetic pickup to create electric guitar models and synth sounds.

Giulietta VGA-3D

Melville, NY (January 18, 2018) -- VOX Amplification has created a new guitar series, designed for the player craving classic styling, modern playability and state of the art modeled sounds. The Giulietta VGA-3PS and VGA-3D electric archtop guitars are the newest addition to VOX’s growing line of modernized electric guitars.

The new Giulietta series is an evolution of the classic, full-hollow archtop acoustic electric guitar. It features VOX’s AREOS-D Digital Modeling System, a sophisticated system that incorporates several elements to achieve its incredible sound quality.It includes a wide range of electric, acoustic and synth models, delivering a powerful new tool for live performances and recording sessions. VOX’s AREOS-D system also uses the guitar’s magnetic pickup to create the electric guitar models and synth sounds for greater realism and accuracy.

The Giulietta VGA-3PS features a compact body size, making for a more comfortable playing experience, while also reducing feedback and improving the overall tone of the guitar. The real secret of the Giulietta, however, is the innovative patent-pending VOX Hybrid Bridge System. This new system includes aluminum and wood materials that providestrength and tuning stability with more sustain, especially with the built in piezo pickup system.

“First we changed the modern guitar market with the Starstream. Now we are excited to announce the new Giuliettas, an innovative approach to helpingguitarists find new sounds and techniques in their playing,” says Brian Piccolo, Director of Guitar Brands at Korg USA. “Perfect for a variety of musicians,especiallyjazz and fusion guitarists, these light and practical guitars are a perfect addition to the VOX family,” explains Piccolo.

The new Giulietta Electric Archtop Guitar line marries a smaller, more comfortable single cutaway body with a smooth modern-shape neck for effortless performance, producing endless creativity thanks to its advanced modeling technology.

Pricing and availability for the Giulietta line is TBD.

VOX Amplification has announced the MV50 High Gain and MV50 Boutique, two additionstothe revolutionary ampseries.Like the Clean, AC and Rock versions, the High Gain and Boutique amps offeran impressive 50 watts of power and feature Korg’s acclaimed Nutube technology, all while weighing in at justover a pound.

The MV50 High Gain mimics the sound of increasing the input gain which is what provides that iconic distortion tone that high-gain fans crave. This new model contains a mid-switch control, providing a versatile expressive range that extends from an edgy sound, ideal for riffing, to a low rich sound that’s suitable for lead. Comparatively, the MV50 Boutique provides a clean and harmonic richness, as well as blooming sound distinctive to a traditional vacuum tube amp.

“The outpouring of compliments and positive feedback about the MV50 series this year has been incredible,” says Corey Witt, Product Marketing Manager at Korg USA. “Watching an artist or reviewer unpack one of these for the first time and comment on the size, only to be blown away byits power says everything you need to know about this product,” Witt concludes.

The MV50 High Gain and MV50 Boutique amps will make their debut at WNAMM 2018 atthe Korg USA booth, Hall B #8802. They will be available February2018for $199.99 each.

A 150W two-channel guitar amp head and combo series has just been launched by historic amp brand, VOX Amplification. The MVX150 head and cabinet are the newest additions to the growing amp lineoffering extreme power and innovative technology.

The MVX150 is the first amplifier equipped with Korg’s acclaimed Nutube technology in both the preamp and power amp. Coined as “NuPower,” it uses Nutube in a push-pull configuration, borrowing circuit design techniques from some of history’s best vacuum tube amps, resulting in both a pure cleantone, as well as a modern high-gain sound, with a powerful low end.

These carefully constructed amps contain two channels withtwo modes for each channel, resulting in a diverse range of sounds. The passive tone circuit, with the addition of bright and fat switches, produceswarm, tonal quality,reminiscent of a supreme boutique amp.

“This new ampline is perfect for guitarists who want a premium and innovative vacuum tube amplifierthat prefer a real analog sound,” says Director of Guitar Brands at Korg USA, Brian Piccolo. “They’re light-weight, easily transportable and sound incredible. VOX has yet again managed to design a new series that preserves their iconicimage, yet also moves forward in a modern direction,” Piccolo concludes.

The MVX150 series will be available February 2018 for $849.99 and $999, respectively.

Last year, VOX introduced a fresh, new approach to the modern electric guitar world with the release of the Starstream Type-1, a futuristic and versatile electric guitar. Today, VOX has expanded on the cutting-edge line with the release of the Starstream Type-1 Plus, an updated version equipped with enticing new features, including upgradedmodeling sounds powered by VOX’s updated AREOS-D system.

The new Type-1 Plus also introduces a new passive mode, allowing for the ability to performusing traditional electric guitar soundswithout the need for battery power. Additionally, the on-board sounds have been enhanced, producing richer and fuller guitar tones.

“VOX has been pushing boundaries in the guitar and amplifier market for decades, beginning with the famous GuitarOrgan in 1966,” says Product Manager for Guitar Brands, John Stippell. “The Starstream Type-1 with its unique design and impressive array of sounds and functionality represents the next phase of electric guitar innovation from VOX,” Stippell says.

The Type-1 Plus line also includes a Mahogany model which features a genuine Mahogany body for deep, resonant tones and smooth sustain.

Pricing and availability for the Starstream Type-1 Plus and Type-1 Plus Mahogany is TBD.

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