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Wampler Pedals Introduces the Clarksdale Overdrive

Wampler Pedals Introduces the Clarksdale Overdrive

A Tube Screamer-inspired pedal with added EQ controls.

Martinsville, IN (August 25, 2014) -- At the crossroads of Highway 61 and Junction 49 lies the official crossroads of Clarksdale, Mississippi—the birthplace of the Delta Blues. This historic town, and the famous music that was created there, is responsible for the inspiration behind this pedal—the Clarksdale Overdrive.

Blues and non-blues guitar players have used Tube Screamer-type circuits for years to help them create their own signature sound. Over the years, countless players have been asking Brian to create a Tube Screamer type of pedal—well he finally did it!

The Clarksdale is Brian’s take on the world famous Tube Screamer circuit—with a few great Wampler-styled improvements of course. The world of boutique pedals is filled with lots of great Tube Screamer clones already. So what else could be done?

Brian wanted to create a pedal that would be true to the sound and feel of the original but would have a wider range of tonal options—to satisfy even the biggest tone chasers out there. The addition of a 3-band EQ (bass, mids, and treble) allows a player to have a more tailored tonal pallet than the original Tube Screamer. The lift/smooth switch will also allow a player to either sit in the mix with the smooth setting or allow your leads to standout with the Lift option. Also unlike the original Tube Screamer, the Clarksdale will not “fizz out” as much at low or high gain settings.

The Clarksdale has one foot in the past and foot firmly planted in the future. Your Search for the perfect boutique Tube Screamer is finally over.

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