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Westerlund Audio Announces the Westerlund ONE

Westerlund Audio Announces the Westerlund ONE

Westerlund Audio announces its debut preamp, overdrive, and boost pedal, the Westerlund ONE, designed to give musicians a tone-shaping platform that acts much like a vintage mic preamp with plenty of gain/saturation.

The Westerlund ONE is designed to be an extension of the player’s sound. Users can get plenty of gain and volume out of the ONE by pushing it, but it stays true to their original signal while providing a more balanced, fuller, and dynamic tone.

With three unique modes (Clipping ‘Off’ AKA "Amp Mode", Germanium 'GE' Clipping, and Silicon 'SI'Clipping), a gain boost, a musical 3-band EQ, and plenty of headroom, the ONE covers a wide range of sounds (from transparent to full-on tube saturation) that enhance the musicality of the player’s instrument and their unique playing.

Vince Gill was Westerlund Audio’s first official customer. Earlier this month, Westerlund co-founder, Shane Henry, and Maggie McClure from The Imaginaries caught up with the one and only Vince Gill while they were in Nashville. He picked up a Westerlund ONE from Shane and currently has it on his pedalboard. You can hear Vince using the ONE while he’s on tour with the Eagles.

The Westerlund ONE will be available nationwide on April 15, 2023, for $379 (pre-orders are now available).

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Introducing the Westerlund ONE

Westerlund ONE