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Win Your New Favorite Overdrive!

Win Your New Favorite Overdrive!

You could be one of SIX winners of the overdrive of their choice from Electro-Harmonix, Ibanez, PRS, Revv, Wampler, or Warm Audio! Giveaway ends June 23, 2024.

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TS808-TMv2 Tamura-mod Tubescreamer v.2

Godlyke Distributing

The TS808-TMv.2 offers a unique spin on the classic Tubescreamer tone, dumping the mid-hump in favor of a bottom-heavy thump that moves more air and adds more hair to your tone - It's the Tubescreamer for players that don't like Tubescreamers!

The TS808v.2 is optimized to accentuate & articulate the sound of single-coil pickups. The low and lower-midrange frequencies have been raised by precise percentages to provide more power while improving responsiveness to pick attack.

Additional even-order harmonics were added in the high-frequency range for balance and punch in the upper fretboard register.

These changes simultaneously increase output level while improving low and high frequency response when the Drive control is turned down, allowing the v.2 to be used more effectively as a semi-clean booster.

All these elements add up to an extremely musical drive pedal that is fun and inspirational to play through.

Alex LIfeson, Victor

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