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ZenZero Introduces the Habu

A heavy distortion based around clipping diodes, LEDs, op-amps, and NPN transistors.

Tokyo, Japan (November 28, 2017) -- ZenZero Electronics is proud to introduce the Habu, our heaviest distortion pedal yet. We call it a heavy metal distortion because that’s what it is. No beating around the bush here. Our special MOSFETs round up a multiple stage distortion that can bring all the bark you need no matter how clean your amp is. A 3-band EQ is simple yet extremely effective to shape the tone in any style you can imagine. As long as it's heavy.


  • Face melting new design. Borrows from giants of the past adding many original tweaks and ideas.
  • Our signature MOSFETs are a crucial part of the crunch of the pedal, but many other elements play a role into the cascading gain stages necessary to give you a great distortion in a clean amp: we used clipping diodes, LEDs, op-amps and NPN transistors to achieve this.
  • Much care was put in the 3-band EQ. The MIDs are isolated from bass and treble to be more effective and versatile, giving you a deep scoop or boost as needed.

The Habu is hand-built in Tokyo using only top of the line components. All old-school through-hole technology, inside a semi-gloss black powder coated aluminum enclosure decorated with an extremely durable silver silk-screen print depicting part of an Habu, the pit viper from Okinawa.

The Habu has top jacks to save space on your pedalboard; big and easy to grab fluted knobs; and nuts and washers in all the important places, including the DC jack.

The Habu pedal carries a street price of $230.00. It can be purchased directly from our website at and it ships all over the world through EMS international tracking service.

Watch the company's video demo:

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