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3rd Power Releases Dream Weaver Amp

Adding to the company’s award-winning line of Dream Series amps, 3RD POWER has unveiled the new Dream Weaver head and combo amplifiers.

Nashville, TN (May 29, 2013) -- Adding to the company’s award-winning line of Dream Series amps, 3RD POWER has unveiled the new Dream Weaver head and combo amplifiers. Offering authentic American and British tones “under one roof”, the Dream Weaver offers a new take on 3RD POWER’s trademark approach of bringing multiple iconic guitar amplifier eras together in one package. The Dream Weaver introduces a new JUMP feature – front-panel normalized output jacks on each channel for creating unique tones and signal effect chains when combining and playing through both channels simultaneously.

The Dream Weaver amplifiers are the crown jewels to 3RD POWER’s breakthrough Dream Series amps that include the American Dream, British Dream and the single channel Dream Solo heads and combos. With greater versatility in mind, 3RD POWER’s founder Jamie Scott has created the Dream Weaver for musicians seeking authentic American and British tones together in a single, convenient unit.


  • TWEED or BLONDE switch on the American channel for selecting between authentic ’59 Tweed 5F6-A and ’63 Blonde 6G6-B styled tones
  • ORANGE GLOW switch on the British channel for enhanced gain and harmonics when selecting between authentic ’68 Super Bass Plexi and hot-rodded Plexi styled tones
  • Normalized JUMP output jacks for running both channels at the same time. When combined with your favorite effects devices, the JUMP function facilitates simple or complex wet/dry tones all ‘under one roof’
  • TubeMIX proprietary vacuum tube summing bus circuitry for mixing the two individual channels together. TubeMIX sounds and feels more like a studio console than a guitar amplifier. Benefits of TubeMIX include in-phase audio signal mixdown, superb channel level balance as well as excellent isolation from channel crosstalk
  • NoiseREDUX proprietary analog noise reduction circuitry that takes all of the warm goodness of tubes and leaves excessive hiss and hum behind. NoiseREDUX delivers a touch sensitivity and dynamic range far beyond what’s available today making it essential for today’s critical signal to noise ratio standards whether playing in the studio, stage or on in-ear monitors
  • Patent-pending SWITCHBACK 112 Cabinet for your choice of refined open-back or closed back cabinet tones
  • 38 Watts Full Power, 18 Watts Half Power Switch for macro volume level adjustments
  • Patent-pending HybridMASTER Volume Management Control for micro volume level fine tuning
  • Turret board construction hand made in Nashville, Tennessee, USA
  • Global Presence Control & Insert-style FX Loop for final sonic refinements
  • Output tube options include; 5881, 6L6 or EL34 (standard)
  • 33-1/3 Year Limited Warranty

According to Jamie Scott, 3RD POWER’s designer and CEO, “We created the Dream Weaver amplifier out of a love and passion for vintage American and British styled guitar tones. Building on this foundation, the Dream Weaver brings these tones into the modern performance and recording environment in a convenient and elegant package while keeping your musical inspiration at the forefront.” Scott adds, “While so many elements of music creation have gone digital in ‘convincing’ fashion, we feel that the truly inspirational performances require a human’s soul, voice and touch – along with a living, breathing vacuum tube guitar amplifier and the Dream Weaver simply transcends even my high expectations.." All 3RD POWER amplifiers are hand-built in the USA and feature point-to-point turret board construction and come with a 33-year warranty.

The new Dream Weaver amplifiers are available now at the introductory price of $2,899 for the head and start at $3299 for a 112 combo.

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