ADA Unveils the Definition Preamp

A discrete transistor preamplifier designed for passive magnetic pickups.

Concord, CA (August 12, 2014) -- The new ADA Definition is a discrete transistor preamplifier designed to allow your passive magnetic pickups to produce their full dynamic and frequency capabilities without introducing compression, noise or distortion. The Definition is absolutely transparent – due to its ultra-high impedance and low capacitance – giving the player greater control and expression over the delicate, complex signals that magnetic pickups are inherently capable of producing. It is designed to be the first connection and a buffer between your instrument and the rest of your signal path.

The Definition is the ideal tool for recording and re-amping, because it delivers all the pure natural, fullspectrum sound of the pickups, without any phase shift or equalization. The Definition’s BOOST can also be used to overdrive the first tube stage in your tube combo or head so that all your distortion is tubegenerated. (This effectively adds another distortion stage to your signal by turning the first stage, normally the amplifying stage, into a distortion stage.) The foot-switch activated BOOST, of up to +16 dB, is the ultimate control needed for all-tube generated tone. ADA sets a new standard in achieving ultra low noise, flat, full-range frequency response and with no compression from your guitar or. For clean tones, there is nothing better.

The Definition features a very high input impedance of 3 megohms (3 to 6 times greater than other “high impedance” inputs) with low capacitance, hand-selected ultra low-noise transistors and FETs, a very low 100 ohm output impedance (10 times lower than the norm) capable of driving long cables and a flat frequency response from 20 Hz to 40 kHz +/- 0.1dB.

Made in California, housed in an all-steel industry standard-sized enclosure (4.5” x 2.5” x 1.5” LxWxH), using the highest quality components, a one-year parts and labor warranty, the Definition’s specs exceed the best in the industry. It can be powered by 9 to 18 volts DC, with 12 or more volts recommended for bass pickups.

MAP for the ADA Definition is $199.95, and is available worldwide.

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