A mobile, rechargable guitar amplifier

Finland (July 16, 2012) – The T.A.N.K. is a mobile guitar amplifier is build to last and ready to perform whenever and wherever you are. More than eight hours of continuous playing time with built-in lead accumulator. Rechargeable from AC, car battery or even by using a solar panel. Equally the 12V output can also provide power for your favorite electric appliances and accessories like cellular phone chargers, led lights etc.

Just plug in your guitar, dynamic microphone or music player and get ready to rock with the coolest amp around. True Camplifier at your service. 

- Clean and Overdrive/Mic channel
- Output rating: 10W/20W @ 8/4ohm
- Speaker: 10” - 8 ohm, Celestion Tube 10
- Input jacks: Guitar In, Mic/Guitar In (Neutrik)
- Output jack: External Speaker Out
- Power In/Out: 12V Car Adapter
- Controls: Guitar Volume, Mic volume, Hi, Low (Alpha)
- Power supply: 12V/7Ah accu, AC adaptor (included for recharging)
- Operation time: > 8 hours
- Colors: British Green, Firehouse Red, Smokey Black
- Dimensions: 38cm x 18cm x 48cm (W x D x H)
- Weight: 8kg

3.5mm to 6.3mm jack adapter.

Other Options:
- Volt Meter
- External T.A.N.K speaker for full 20W output.
- Also available in INOX stainless steel for marine use.
- Custom speakers.
- Custom paint.

V8 T.A.N.K 20W 10” Mobile Combo - $295 USD.
V8 T.A.N.K 30W 10” Extension Cabinet - $129 USD.
Volt Meter Option – $79 USD.

For more information:

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