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Amptweaker Announces the FatMetal Pro

Amptweaker Announces the FatMetal Pro

A design that's based on the TightMetal and packed with effects loops, a 3-band EQ, and lots of tonal flexibility.

Cumming, GA (May 23, 2016) -- Amptweaker announces the consumer-requested FatMetal Pro, a new version of the top-selling TightMetal Pro. It has all the same boost features and multiple effects loops, but is voiced like the FatMetal. It's particularly suited for use with brighter amps or for thicker metal tones used in sludge, doom, and black metal.

The boost system includes a Gain Boost and Volume Boost, as well as an extra effects loop that comes on with the Boost footswitch to add delay or other efects with one click.The proprietary SideTrak Loop provides quick A/B to clean efects or another distortion pedal. A 3-band EQ, Smooth switch, Fat switches, and a Thrash switch give a lot of tonal flexibility, and Amptweaker’s Tight control helps dial in the pick attack./p>

All of Amptweaker’s drive pedals use true bypass switching, operate from 9 to 18VDC for varying dynamics, and have battery access with no tools required.

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