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Amptweaker Unveils the TightFuzz Pro

Amptweaker Unveils the TightFuzz Pro

A versatile fuzz pedal with three effects loops, germanium and silicon tones, and a smooth edge switch.

Cumming, GA (August 18, 2015) -- Another Amptweaker™ Pro™ pedal, the TightFuzz Pro is based on the popular TightFuzz distortion pedal. As with the standard-sized version, there are many tonal options available thanks to the germanium/silicon switch, Smooth Edge switch, and 60s/70s tone switch. The 3-band EQ helps make this one of the most flexible fuzztones available, and Amptweaker's Tight control really helps tame the attack of the fuzz. There's even an auto-bias feature built into the Fuzz control, which helps the knob adjust from the cleanest to the nastiest distortions with one control.

The dual-knob Boost system allows you to boost the Fuzz, while also boosting or cut the Volume, for the perfect solo tone. It also includes a selectable Octave-Up efect that can be blended into the boost tone, to help solos cut through the mix and to really dive into psychedelia.

Amptweaker pedals are known for efects loops, and the Pro series have 3: a universal loop that works whenever the pedal is ON, another active with the boost, and our popular SideTrak loop which activates when the pedal is OFF, to automatically shut of clean efects. The two rear loops can be set to Pre or Post distortion, making this pedal a simple controller and the centerpiece of your pedalboard.

Other important additions are an adjustable noise gate, and a hidden ‘More Fuzz’ switch for vintage pickups….or if you just always want ‘more fuzz’! Standard Amptweaker features: LED illumination of controls, 14 gauge steel housing and true bypass switching.

$330 street

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