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Andrews Amplification Expands Spectraverb Series

Andrews Amplification Expands Spectraverb Series

The award-winning line is now available in several new configurations.

Atlanta, GA (April 17, 2015) -- Due to customer requests, the Spectraverb 22 and Spectraverb 40 amps are now available in head, 2X10 and 2X12 combo versions. Like the 1X12 combos previously introduced, the newest Spectraverb amps offer surprising clarity and headroom while delivering a smooth, touch sensitive response and complex warm harmonics. The new head cabinets are designed in the proper dimensions to accommodate our spring reverb system without the introduction of noise that is often found in shorter cabinets.   

The Spectraverb series amps are available as heads, 1X12, 2X12 and 2X10 combos and feature locally-built heavy-duty solid pine or domestic birch plywood cabinets and are hand-wired on heavy-duty turret boards in the USA. Spectraverb amps are upgraded versions of the famous AB763 vintage “Blackface” models


  • Upgraded high quality USA built transformers
  • Improved circuitry to reduce noise and eliminate flubby bass tones
  • Lush tube-driven tube reverb with innovative limiter control
  • 40 watts output power for Spectraverb 40 and 22 watts for the Spectraverb 22
  • Good clean headroom provides an excellent platform for pedals.
  • External bias test points and adjustments for easy tube changes
  • 4/8/16 ohm speaker selections
  • Two 12AX7, two 12AT7 one GZ34 and two 6V6 (Spectraverb 22) or two 6L6GC (Spectraverb 40) tubes
  • Optional series effects loop with true bypass
  • Optional half-power switch for reducing volume when “cranked up”
  • Five year limited warranty

The Spectraverb 22 head $1595
1X12 combo $1795
2X10 Combo $1895
2X12 Combo $1969

The Spectraverb 40 head $1695
1X12 combo $1895
2X10 Combo $1995
2X12 Combo $2069   

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